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… If we have a problem and we need to solve it, until we do, we feel (inside us) a kind of internal agitation, a tension, or an uncertainty that makes us just plain uncomfortable. And we want to get rid of that discomfort. So, in order to do so, we take a decision. Not because we’re sure it’s the best decision, but because taking it will make us feel better.

Well, the most creative people have learned to tolerate that discomfort for much longer. And so, just because they put in more pondering time, their solutions are more creative.

– John Cleese on Creativity

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CRM 2013 QuickStart Book now available!

Brought to you by the same team you’ve already learned from in The CRM Field Guide, Building Business with CRM and more. As always we bring you internationally recognized CRM experts, all of the authors are current Dynamics CRM MVPs. (Myself, David Yack, Joel Lindstrom, David Berry, Richard Knudson and Jukka Niiranen)

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