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The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM like an MVP with Dynamics CRM

The latest book, for which I am a contributing author, is now available for Online, Digital only purchase.

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The CRM Field Guide is an essential guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that everyone should have on their (digital) bookshelf. This book offers you details not only on CRM fundamentals and extensibility points but also the tried and true best practices and strategies of the combined experience of some of the most recognizable global experts in the CRM industry. The field guide contains insights from many CRM MVP contributors and is intended to be a book you pick up over and over again as you use CRM.

Having the CRM Field Guide by your side is like having the “hotline” to the industry experts. When you hear the term Field Guide you likely think of nature; identifying key plants or animals in a new and exciting place. Obviously this book is not that type of a guide. This book is what you pick up when it’s Friday night and you are stuck with one last CRM problem between you and the weekend.

The CRM Field Guide is not a reference repeating all the contents of the CRM documentation, but it is designed to complement what Microsoft provides offering insights from real world deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There’s so much content in the CRM Field Guide, one of the MVPs joked it could probably have enough weight to hold down your desk if a tornado passes through your office!

In the CRM Field Guide you will find details that can help administrators, customizers and developers; not to mention power business users wanting to know all the details the admin never tells them. If you run CRM in the cloud or sitting in a server room at your office the information is useful

CRM 2013 QuickStart Book now available!

CRM 2013 QuickStart Book now available!

CRM 2013 QuickStart

CRM QuickStartBrought to you by the same team you’ve already learned from in The CRM Field Guide, Building Business with CRM and more.  As always we bring you internationally recognized CRM experts, all of the authors are current Dynamics CRM MVPs. (Myself,  David Yack, Joel Lindstrom, David Berry, Richard Knudson and Jukka Niiranen)

Go to the site and purchase your copy today.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook and Proxy Servers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook and Proxy Servers

The latest update to the Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (Update Rollup 15 and Update Rollup 11 CU) as well as the Outlook Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, includes a number of enhancements for the Outlook Client, mostly around performance improvements.

One of the major changes is the separation of some of the core CRM components from the Outlook processes.

While this separation is a great result for the improvement of performance, it also introduces some “hidden” and unexpected behaviour in environments that have proxy servers for internet access and are using either CRM Online or a Partner Hosted CRM.

Historically CRM ran within the Outlook process and the Outlook client is Proxy aware, (more…)

CRM Rule Deployment Wizard–“There is no such object on the server”

I recently had a requirement where we had a few hundred mailboxes that needed to be enabled for Forward Mailbox on the email router in a CRM 2011 deployment, a task that may sound daunting were it not for the “Rule Deployment Wizard”, with which we can bulk deploy Exchange Rules to enable to forwarding of all emails as attachments to the Forward Mailbox.

However, as with all things Email Router, it is not always as simple as one would hope. There are quite a few dependencies, mostly around permissions (credentials, relay access etc.) that make the email router the subject of many a consultants frustrations.

In this instance I ran into an issue where the Rules would not deploy because the wizard said “there is no such object on the server”


Issue Creating New Users in Upgraded CRM 4 / CRM 2011 Org

I have had an issue for a while with one of our CRM 4.0 Orgs (that was originally upgraded from CRM 3.0) and now recently had the same problem on a CRM 2011 Org (that was upgraded from CRM 4.0) where I received an InternalOperation error on a native CRM Plugin assembly when trying to add a new user.

I have seen various forum posts around this problem, unfortunately with no solutions.

My team and I spent quite a bit of time investigating this and finally found the solution to the problem (although unfortunately still don’t have the root cause bedded down, that will be the subject of a future post).

The major credit though, needs to go to my Development Manager, Sean Vowles (@seanvowles) who came up with the simple solution.

The Error message goes a little something like this :